Electrical Film

Customers can buy from us electrical film that is dimensionally and thermally stable with excellent tensile break strength and tensile yield strength. This film has the ability to even resist chemicals. 

High Shrink Film

A high shrink film is a printable film that is used on packaged goods, such as beverage bottles. It can be applied in so many ways. Either way the customers selects, the shrink film shrinks tightly around the item.

Packaging Film

Packages in the shape of pouches are printed films which are filled with the product and then sealed on a machine. This film has all the properties that customers expect from it, right from opacity, density to moisture resistance. 

Clear Film

Get in touch to buy a clear film that has a high degree of transparency. Known for its slip properties, this film is used in flexible packaging applications. Among other applications, it is used in microfilm, graphic arts, stationary, and many other areas that demand clarity.

Cable Wraps

Cable wraps in the offering typically consists of a foil barrier layer along with polyethylene and polyester. As the name implies, this film is wrapped around the cable to protect it from moisture, heat and abrasion. 

Polyester Films

An incredibly versatile material, polyester film is a type of plastic polymer with many characteristics. A variety of industries can benefit from this material that can also be stretched into a thin film. Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET, is another name for this film. This film a thermoplastic, which means that when heat is applied, it can be manipulated and formed. 

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