Electrical Insulation Products
Electrical insulation products like electrical insulation paper have excellent electrical properties which is why are used for insulation purpose for electrical products, like motor and transformer. Energy transfer reduces with the use of these products.
Polyester Films
An incredibly versatile material, polyester film is a type of plastic polymer with many characteristics. A variety of industries can benefit from this material that can also be stretched into a thin film. Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET, is another name for this film. This film a thermoplastic, which means that when heat is applied, it can be manipulated and formed.
Insulation Paper Roll
Made of cellulose fiber, kraft paper, fiberglass and PE, offered range of insulation paper rolls are used as integral part of transformer coil, conductor of power supplying cables and acoustically insulated walls and flooring.
Nomex Paper
Nomex papers are available in three layered structure that has been attained by bonding film of polyester on both of their sides. These electrically insulated papers are recyclable and are environment friendly by nature.
Electrical Film
Customers can buy from us electrical film that is dimensionally and thermally stable with excellent tensile break strength and tensile yield strength. This film has the ability to even resist chemicals.
High Shrink Film
A high shrink film is a printable film that is used on packaged goods, such as beverage bottles. It can be applied in so many ways. Either way the customers selects, the shrink film shrinks tightly around the item.
Packaging Film
Packages in the shape of pouches are printed films which are filled with the product and then sealed on a machine. This film has all the properties that customers expect from it, right from opacity, density to moisture resistance.
Clear Film
Get in touch to buy a clear film that has a high degree of transparency. Known for its slip properties, this film is used in flexible packaging applications. Among other applications, it is used in microfilm, graphic arts, stationary, and many other areas that demand clarity.
Thermal Lamination Products
Thermal lamination products, like film are utilized for the purpose of thermal laminating to ensure product quality, complete protection, transparency and resistance to chemical and moisture. Products that are thermal laminated have high quality finish.
Electrical Cable
Electrical cables of different sizes and colours are available at Adisha Enterprises. The purpose, advantages, disadvantages and applications of each type of cable are different, so that users can choose wisely.
Printed Plastic Rolls
We are specialized in manufacturing of comprehensive range of Printed Plastic Rolls. The offered roll is widely used for packaging goods. Under experts' observation, this roll is manufactured by skilled professionals using the superior grade raw materials.
Saturated Fleece Paper
Saturated fleece paper rolls are used for designing cards, for book binding and also for developing various hand crafted products. Featured with non sticky surface, fleece papers possess excellent water absorption feature.
Kraft Paper Roll
We are engaged in manufacturing high quality Kraft Paper. These papers are mainly used for making paper grocery bags, multiwall sacks, envelopes and other packaging materials. The product offered by us are quality examined under several parameters to make sure our customers are delivered with flawless products.

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